Thursday, November 3, 2011

Another Look at the Coroner's Photo of Michael Jackson

As if we haven't had enough conversations about the Coroner's Photo, let's have one more. Now before someone says, why can't this person get off this photo? Well it would seem that I am not the only one who can't let the issue of this photo and it origins go. Seriously, as I said in another blog entry there are those out there who are so driven and determined that if Michael Jackson is indeed truly alive, that they are going to find him. It's just a matter of time, let me tell you.

Anyway getting back to the coroner's photo, if you will remember in the first entry that was written about this photo, I brought up the possibility that it was another Photo shop photo done like the one from the ambulance is now believed to be. I also said that there was a possibility that this was some kind of wax dummy, which is also a good argument.
However, thanks to one of the very determined individuals that I spoke about earlier in this blog entry I am now more convinced, that like the ambulance photo this could very well be a Photo shop photo. Someone actually took the time to do some research to find a photo of Michael Jackson taken in the past that resembles the way the autopsy photo looked. Well guess what Eureka, they found one. It turns out in the early 1990's Michael Jackson did a video for a song called "In the Closet".  
 (Click HERE to view video)
The person who found the similarity between the autopsy photo and the 1990's "In the Closet" video placed a video on YouTube to show you the comparison.  (Click HERE to view video)
The profile of the way Michael looks in the autopsy photo and the "In the Closet" video which as I stated was done in the early 1990's looks basically the same.  Now let's get real here, when Michael Jackson did the "In the Closet" video he was in his early thirties, and sorry but there is no way Michael Jackson would look the same way he did in the early 1990's at the time of his death, which is almost twenty years later.  I don't care if it was reported that Michael had fifty-five cosmetic procedures done by his dermatologist during the last three months before his supposedly died.
So now it looks as if this coroner's photo that I have been questioning since the first moment it was leaked could very well be another Photo shop job. As for the photo at the hospital, thanks to the outdated gurney I still stand by the belief that this was taken during another hospital visit that Michael Jackson had. Perhaps in 2005', we know then that his every move was under scrutiny due to the child molestation trial he was dealing with. It wouldn't be beneath the paparazzi to have snuck into the hospital after finding out he was there in order to get a picture of him. So why wasn't the picture ever leaked out during that time? Well it's possible the person was caught and the film was taken and given perhaps to the Jackson family. So now the photo is in their possession and they held onto it. This is just a theory of mine, but it might actually make sense as to why this gurney is out dated, and why when I look at this photo as I've stated in a previous blog entry I don't see the look of death.

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