Sunday, October 23, 2011

Seriously, is Michael Jackson's Coroner 's Photo a Fake? Only The Belly Button Knows For Sure!

I have discussed this photo in a previous blog entry, but I felt it needed another article written since I have seen many comments on the Internet in regards to why many fans says it isn't their beloved Michael. I have made it quite clear how I feel about both of the death photos that were presented by the Prosecution during the Dr. Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter trial.  To put it plainly I believe both photos to be simply bogus. Sorry, if this bothers anyone reading this. I still stand by those who want to know why these photos were even brought into evidence. Think about this for a moment, there were zero reasons for any of these photos to be shown in court. There was no damage to the exterior of Michael Jackson's body, to show the jury to prove the case one way or the other, so why show it at all, other than to try to put an end to all the death hoax conspiracies that are out there. This is the only reason I can come up with. I am sure the Prosecution is aware of this floating around the Internet.  But, if you ask me instead of putting an end to the death hoax all these photos seemed to have done is give the BeLIEvers more stuff to talk about and to justify their case even stronger.

There have been those who have taken to time to really study these photos to the point of scrutinizing them. I admit that I am one of them, but even I have had things pointed out to me, which is why I am reopening this subject once again in another blog entry.

There have been many individuals on the Internet who have brought up something about the coroner's photo that I didn't take into account. There have been statements made by very observant individuals that the belly button isn't the same, or should I say nonexistent.  Now before any of you start saying wait, where did these people see Michael Jackson's belly button? Simple, many of these people alluded to the "You Are Not Alone" video that was done years ago, and posted on  (CLICK HERE to view), or view photos on this blog entry.

If you watched the video above I am sure you noticed the belly button.  Yes, it's definitely what one would classify as an outtie belly button, (it definitely protrudes).  

Now, take a good, close look at the coroner's photo, what is missing here?   If you said the belly button, you would be so right.  Now I know this isn't the clearest photo, (which in itself is questionable in this day and age with the upscale technology and photo imagery that we have), but you would think Michael Jackson's prominent belly button that he had would be somewhat distinguishable, but guess what it's not. So I reiterate that this could actually be a wax dummy that was created to dupe the public into thinking that this is Michael Jackson's dead body. 

If you want to view the coroner's photo again, you will have to do a search for it on the Internet because I will not be showing it here due to the sensitivity and nature of it for some who do not wish to view it.

So is this conclusive proof that Michael Jackson is still alive, I can't really say for sure, but the one thing I feel strongly about is that the coroner's photo is probably a fake.  Why they would present it in the involuntary manslaughter case in the first place, I still don't have an answer for sure. 

There still seems to be more questions than answers to this case if you ask me.  This blogger knows I still have a lot more research to do in regards to whether Michael Jackson is still alive and just faked his death for whatever reason, or if he is in fact truly dead.

Stay Tune.

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