Thursday, October 13, 2011

Michael Joe Jackson: Death Hoax - What's in a Name?

When it comes to a legal document we know that the name of an individual is something that must always be accurate. This is why in some cases such as with a state agency the individual is required to produce a birth certificate as proof, not only of their existence but for the proper spelling of their name. So when it comes to the legal documents pertaining to the life and death of Michael Jackson you would think that all these documents would have his name correctly spelled out as it actually was. Well all the legal court documents, birth certificate, driver's license pertaining to Michael Jackson clearly state his name as Michael Joe Jackson, so this must mean that Joe is his middle name, right? Well if this is the case then why does his autopsy report and death certificate say Michael Joseph Jackson? Then recently watching the Dr. Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter trial we've seen two photos of a supposed deceased Michael Jackson, and each photo declares his name as Michael Joseph Jackson, (Say what?! Not again)!

Now from what I know Michael went through life saying his middle name was Joe, and his entire family swore it was Joe, not Joseph, so what is the truth here?  Throughout this court trial the middle name of Joseph seems to keep popping up. (If in fact Michael Jackson is dead, I think it is pretty bad that we can't seem to get his middle name correct, don't you)?

All right, before we go any further and start stating this is another clue that Michael is indeed alive, I have a story for all of you and it is a true story I kid you not. My mother went through her entire life saying that her middle name was Mable, only for her children to find out at the time of her death that her birth certificate said that her middle name was actually May Belle. Now because of the fact that one of the most legal documents of her existence stated point blank that her middle name was actually May Belle this was the name that was placed on her death certificate, and the name the mortuary that handled her burial went with. Why, because legally this was her middle name regardless of what she and her family believed during her life.

Now was this the case with Michael Jackson? I would have to say that this wasn't the case. There is too much evidence that Michael Jackson had to know what the middle name on his birth certificate actually was. Michael had a passport, married twice (two marriage certificates) and a driver's license, all of which couldn't have been obtained without producing your birth certificate, this I know for a fact.

So why is it that the autopsy report and death certificate say Joseph? Take it from someone who knows when it comes to the death certificate this is not a mistake that is allowed, the state in which that person dies will make certain that the name is as it appears on their birth certificate. So is it any wonder that the Death Hoax BeLIEvers think this is a vital clue that Michael Joe Jackson is indeed alive, and that a Michael Joseph Jackson is the one who died.  After all, if Michael Jackson did stage his death, then this makes sense, these legal documents clearly state that it was a Michael Joseph Jackson that died on June 25, 2009, not a Michael Joe Jackson. Remember you come into this world with a legal name in the way of a birth certificate, and you leave it with the same legal name, in the way of a death certificate,  (unless you had your name changed somewhere along the way).

One added fact here is that back in 2005' when Michael Jackson was brought up on charges by the Los Angeles D.A. Thomas Sneddon at the time.  The D.A. made sure that all legal documents filed on this case reflected the name Michael Joe Jackson.  Mr. Sneddon stated he made sure the name was correct on all legal documents because he didn't want to be caught in a technicality. 

So if Michael did in fact fake his death there is no way anyone could prosecute him for falsifying his death because it wasn't him who died.  In fact, the photos we saw in the court case that I stated previously can't really be him if you look at the name associated with the photos.  Plus, the Michael Joseph Jackson in the second photo died according to the coroner on August 25, 2009, and not June 25, 2009.  If this is an error by the coroner then it is a bad error.  Don't all of you think so?  Some may say this is just a small thing and means nothing, but is that in fact true?  There seems to be an awful lot of mistakes and coincidences to this case, if you ask me, and this is just one of many that I have researched.

I'm sorry, but this makes me tip the scale in favor of the Death Hoax BeLIEvers just a little bit more.

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