Sunday, October 2, 2011

Michael Jackson's Dead Body Has Finally Surfaced, Or Has It?

During the opening statements in the Dr. Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter Case, the prosecution brought into evidence a shocking photo. The photograph was of an apparent dead Michael Jackson lying on a gurney in the corner of the Emergency Room at L.A. Medical Center. This photo stunned many, and of course, made the rounds through the news media as well as the Internet. So now we finally got a photo of Michael Jackson lying dead, or do we really?

There are some questions surrounding this photo that can't seem to be answered. First of all, who took this photo, and why was it taken? I know that there are situations where the Morgue and the Coroner's office will photograph the dead for documentation purposes. But this photo wasn't taken in the Morgue or the Coroner's office it was taken in a corner of the E.R. at a time when no one suspected his death to be the cause of foul play or anything else underhanded. Remember his house hadn't even been taped off as a crime scene at the time. Apparently, there was no reason to believe at that point that he met with any wrong doing, so why the photograph in the E.R.? Do hospitals take photos of the dead in the E.R. for their records? It's possible, but is this really the case? It does seem odd that for the past couple years we have all been saying that we never saw a dead body of Michael Jackson, which stirred the death hoax on, right?  But, now all of a sudden during this trial a photo just happens to surface by the prosecution. Then the D.A. brings it into evidence why? (Yes, I know that photos of dead bodies have been brought into evidence in murder trials before).  But generally it is usually to show the bodily harm to the individual. What was the purpose in doing it here other than showing us all that Michael Jackson was indeed dead.

There is no disputing that this is indeed Michael Jackson in this photo. However, is this really proof that he is in fact dead? Let's remember there is another photo of Michael supposedly lying on the gurney being loaded into an ambulance going to the hospital. This photo was later dismissed by long time Jackson friend and attorney, Brian Oxman as being a fake.  According to him this was a photo shop touched up photograph. So is this photo legitimate or another touched up photo shop job? All right let's say it's legitimate, does this actually mean Michael is dead?

First of all tell me something, how many of you out there have actually seen death up close? I have, and I can honestly tell you they call it death for a reason, there is usually zero life in the body that is left behind. Basically, it's a lifeless, expressionless empty shell look. Now go out and study this photo of Michael Jackson carefully.  (Note: I will not be showing this photo in this blog entry out of respect for those who don't wish to view it again). Those of you who do want to study it I am sure you can do a search on the web and find it.  Now, really look at it, does this look like a lifeless, expressionless empty shell to you? To be honest it doesn't to me, to me it looks as if Michael Jackson is asleep and could wake up at any minute. Even Michael's sister, Latoya stated that when she saw Michael's lifeless body he appeared as if he were sleeping.  She never once said he didn't look like himself.  She never once stated that he looked like something empty and lifeless.  (Believe me death looks exactly like that). Maybe all of this is just wishful thinking on my part but I stand by my belief after having studied this photo more than once.  Some of you might say well the prosecution turned it over as evidence, but if you followed the Michael Jackson 2005' Child Molestation trial then you know that evidence was fabricated in this case by the D.A.'s office at the time, and was turned over as evidence also.  If you didn't know about any of this, you can find information about this by CLICKING HERE.

Then recently I came across a Michael Jackson fan by the name of:  Sharon Sidney who believes that Michael is alive and that he could have been given a drug called the Zombie Drug.  See interview by CLICKING HERE. So is the belief that he may have been given the zombie drug an actual fact? Who knows for sure, but what I do know is that it seems odd that this photo suddenly surfaces as if it were a way for the Jackson family to say to all of the death hoax believers "you wanted proof he's dead, well here's the photo you've been asking for".  Think about it, did the D.A. have to show this photo?  I mean really think about it.  What were they trying to accomplish by showing the court and the world this photo?  Yes, they showed a picture of a relatively healthy Michael Jackson rehearsing at the Staple Center on June 24, 2009, and then they decided to show him dead and lifeless on the following day.  Couldn't they just have state that here is Michael Jackson rehearsing at the Staple Center on June 24, 2009 and we all know that he ended up dead the following day.  Couldn't they have just done that?  I ask again, what was the real reason for show this photo?  Let's face it, now that they've shown it, it seems to be everywhere on the Internet.  It seems very strange, if you ask me.

So is the photo real, or is it another Photo Shop?  Well, like I stated earlier in this blog entry that the photo of Michael in the ambulance was determined to be a fake, and the way it was determine was by finding the original photo which was taken during the "Michael Jackson 30th Anniversary Special" where he laid down on the stage.  I guess if we want to know whether the photo in court is real or not, we're going to have to find the original photo (if there is one) and see if it fits this photo.  So if you are reading this and feel strongly that this photo isn't real start investigating and see if you can find a photo that they might have used and did a Photo Shop to it.  If you can't find one, I'll guess we'll all just have to assume it's real and accept the inevitable that Michael Jackson is in fact dead.

Just remember one thing, Michael stated to us: "In my darkest hour.  In my deepest despair.  Will you still care?  Will you be there?" 

I don't know about any of you, but I'm definitely going to start searching through photos to see if I can find one that might just be the one Photo Shopped and used by the D.A.'s office which was presented in court.  It's the least I can do for a man who gave so much love to all and never asked for anything back other than for us to care and to be there.  Death Hoax believers don't give up, Michael might just be out there needing all of us to help him.

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