Sunday, October 9, 2011

Michael Jackson: More on the Court Death Photo!

In the previous blog entry we discussed the photo of Michael Jackson that was presented into evidence at the beginning of the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter Trial. This photo was apparently of Michael Jackson lying on a gurney in a corner of the UCLA Medical center Emergency Room. In the previous blog entry I went into how convenient it seemed that this photo has suddenly popped up after two years of all of us stating that we had yet to see an image of a dead Michael Jackson. I went into the fact that maybe this was another photo that was doctored on Photo Shop the way that apparently the one from the ambulance was. However, since making this blog entry I have discovered a very informative video out on YouTube that got me to thinking about another possibility that I hadn't considered but am now thinking about and would like to share with you what I suspect. First of all, I would like all of you to take the time to go to YouTube and view this video for yourself, and then come up with your own conclusions after hearing what this person had to say. Believe me this video is worth viewing the person has done their research and they really got me thinking, here is the link:  CLICK HERE

All right so after viewing this video what conclusions have you come to? Well, first of all I commend this person for taking the time to get their facts straight, I got to hand it to them, seriously if Michael Jackson is indeed alive with people like this on the job I have no doubt we will find him, and if he isn't just hiding out but needs our help he can be sure we will get to the bottom of all of this, because something just isn't right here.  There are just too many coincidences, and just too many conflicting testimonies taking place in the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter Trial.  

Anyway, after seeing this video I started to wonder like this person about the authenticity of this photo. Was it indeed another Photo Shop job, but then something else dawned on me, something I have brought up once before on this. In a previous blog entry about Michael Jackson sightings, I mentioned that most of the photos being printed on the Internet were old photos taken prior to his apparent death not after. I still stand by the belief that if Michael Jackson is out there he has disguised himself in some way and that he wouldn't be walking around looking as if he should be wearing a sign that says "Hey Fans Here I Am Michael Jackson".

 Anyway getting back to the ER photo, when this person brought it up in their video that after their research they came to the conclusion that the gurney Michael Jackson was on was no longer being used by UCLA Medical Center in 2009', it made me continue to wonder.

 In fact, they had started to phase out this form of gurney between 2003' - 2005', yet there apparently was Michael Jackson lying on this type of gurney in 2009', so what gives here? Well, as I said above it could be a doctored up photo or this could actually be Michael Jackson lying on this actual gurney at the UCLA Medical Center but not in 2009'.

We are all aware that over the years Michael Jackson spent a lot of time in and out of the hospital. In 2005' alone, during his Child Molestation Trial there was more than one incident of him having to be brought to the hospital. What if this photo is not from the day he supposedly died, but from one of these other times? I already went into the fact that when I look at this photo I don't see death. Having seen death first hand I know what it looks like its empty, the body looks like what it actually is an empty shell. I don't see this emptiness in this photograph, what I see is someone who looks like they could be asleep maybe after surgery or some other procedure which we know Michael Jackson had a history of having.

So could this actually be an old photo? Well given what this individual has uncovered it has made me stop to pause and wonder if this is actually the case. It would certainly explain why he's lying on a gurney that was phased out in the early 2000', wouldn't it?

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