Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Michael Jackson Death Hoax: Doctor Classifies Murray's Behavior As Bizarre!

In the Dr. Conrad Murray's Involuntary Manslaughter Case we heard testimony from a cardiologist by the name of Dr. Alon Steinberg.  Dr. Steinberg sits on the California Medical Board and also analyzes cases where doctors might be gross negligent.  He was asked to look at the Murray Case and his treatment of Michael Jackson and his supposed death. 

He talked about many things that he found wrong in the standard care protocol such as:

·        There was no monitoring equipment like a pulse meter with an alarm and such.

·        There was no automated blood pressure cuff to check pressure every 5 minutes to which Dr. Steinberg stated never happened according to Murray's statement to police that he gave two days after Jackson's death.

·        No E.K.G. monitor, defibrillator, airway equipment, and such.

·        Did not have proper knowledge of using the equipment that he did have.

·        Did not have another person to assist him that if something would have gone wrong, they could have called for help and assisted with life support measures.

·        Did not have all the necessary drugs to compensate for any problems.  He gave a list of about six drugs that he said should have been present when Propofol or any other anesthesia is ever in use.  He also stated that no paperwork or file was created for Michael Jackson by Murray stating what was given and at what time.  He also stated that there were no consent forms showing that Michael Jackson understood the risks involved.

The other information he gave was that if Dr. Murray would have called 9-1-1 when he first found Jackson not breathing, (after what he stated was a two minute bathroom break), that Michael Jackson could very well be alive.

One of the things Dr. Steinberg said that made me stop and pause was when he stated in his report to the California Medical Board that he classified this case as bizarre.  When asked by the Prosecution why he classified it this way, Dr. Steinberg stated it was bizarre because of the lack of standards that were present according to Dr. Murray's statement. (Basically, he alluded to the things Murray did or didn't do as "Murray's bizarre behavior" on that day).  For a prominent cardiologist like Dr. Steinberg to classify this day this way made me take note, because I know this is one of the reasons why many death hoax believers believe it is just too ludicrous for it to have happened the way it did with all the gross negligence by a doctor of supposedly Murray's stature.

Many Michael Jackson fans have been saying this all along, that things were strange and bizarre in how Dr. Murray handled this case.  I feel it is the reason why the Death Hoax has a strong believer percentage.  I truly thought when we finally got to the court case that we would have some answers to all of these bizarre and strange occurrences that happened on that day, June 25, 2009, but so far I haven't heard any.  It's like one coincidence after another is still not being explained, and so I understand why death hoax believers are not giving up their fight.  Something isn't right here, and even I who am not totally sold on the death hoax have to admit I understand why Believers feel the way they do. 

As one of my family members said to me and I quote, "we may never truly know what actually happened on that day."

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