Saturday, October 15, 2011

Michael Jackson: Another Death Photo Surfaced or Has It?

Wax Figure of Michael Jackson
During testimony in the Dr. Conrad Murray Trial on October 11, 2011, the L.A. Coroner’s Office produced another photo of Michael Jackson lying dead. Having looked at both of the photos that had been presented in this case for myself, I must ask point blank, are these the real thing? Since I refuse to show any of these photos on this blog out of respect for those of you who don’t want to see them, here is a URL on an article where these photos can be seen. I will warn you though, these can be considered disturbing. In fact, Katherine Jackson chose to leave the courtroom before the second photo was brought into evidence to avoid actually seeing it, since the first photo was disturbing to her. Anyway, if you wish to see them to see what I am talking about you can go to:

So, what are my issues with this photo?  Well, in the second photo my first thought was when did Michael Jackson’s face become dark again? You can correct me if I’m wrong, but it had become extremely white due to the bleaching creams he was using because of his Vitiligo, right? Yes, there were times such as in the film documentary "This Is It" where his face appeared a bit darker, but that was probably due to lighting in the Staple Center.
Michael Jackson at the Staple Center
Rehearsing for his "This Is It" Concerts.

Then another point about this photo is that it was supposedly taken when the coroner did his autopsy, right?  So there wouldn't be any make-up being used, so I would think we would see some of the Vitiligo blotching somewhere on his body.  I mean, after all, Dr. Murray stated that Michael was still using a fade cream on some of his splotches.  So where are they? 

Of course, it could be argued that maybe this was just bad film, I guess, but  I thought this was the digital age where we had the best picture quality available. I mean the photo isn't even 100% in focus.  Yes, I know this is a Coroner's office where the body is going to look just like it should after death. Well, once again this doesn’t look like death, no shriveled up skin, no broken down veins, no sign of rigamortus setting in. It's supposed to be almost 48 hours since his suppose death and the signs should be there, right?

As disturbing as this photo may seem, if death had really been present for what I know death should look like, this photo would be even more disturbing, believe me.

Then there is the photo of the arm. Oh do I really need to go into detail about what is wrong here, if you are looking at the photo, its glaring right at you. Notice the date of the supposed death, it clearly says 08-25-2009, this is wrong, we know his suppose death was 06-25-2009, so what gives here? Well I will give the Prosecutor some credit for bringing this up to the Coroner.  His response, "oh that may look like an eight but it's actually a six." Please, I know that an eight and a six can be similar, but come on I can tell the difference, and this is an eight no doubt about it.  I know some of you will argue this, but when a Prosecuting attorney questions it and brings everyone's attention to it, how can you not question it.

So what do I make of all of this?  Well, if you ask me the Coroners photo of the body looks like a wax dummy.
Michael Jackson standing next to a
Wax figure of himself.

I know that's probably wishful thinking on my part, but that is how it appears.

It was also interesting on the cable news network, HLN on "Dr. Drew Pinsky's show" where he had Larry King on and he asked him about the trial.  King said he hadn't really watched a lot of it, although he did make a comment about the coroner's death photo of Michael Jackson.  He said that he found it interesting that a Prosecutor would show a photo of someone dead when this isn't even a murder trial where you want to show harm to a body.  He stated in all his years of reporting he had never seen such a thing.  Interesting, right? 

I’m sorry, but I still stand by the belief that we have yet to see an actual photo of Michael Jackson actually lying dead. Maybe wishful thinking on my part, but these two photos have met with enough scrutiny to where I can't help but question how authentic they really are.

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