Sunday, October 9, 2011

Michael Jackson and "Corridors of Blood"

Here we go with another classic movie that could be tied to the Michael Jackson Death Hoax. If you have been following this blog you know that we did one regarding the classic film "Gilda", which starred Susan Hayward in the title role. Now it's time for a classic horror film which starred one of the actors known for the genre back in the day, the legendary Boris Karloff, the film from 1958', "Corridors of Blood." You can read a summary of this movie at the IMDb website, and find out about the actors as well as the characters in the movie.

You can also read another summary on the film at the official Turner Classic Movies website in their movie database:

Anyway, as you discovered this is a horror film that is about a doctor by the name of Thomas Bolton (played by Karloff) who experiments with an opium anesthetic that he ultimately becomes addicted to. He then become involved in some questionable, if not illegal activity when he encounters some individuals who deal with some less then favorable characters by the name of Black Ben and Resurrection Joe, who supply dead bodies to the hospital for dissection by murdering individuals. They agree to supply Bolton with his drugs if he falsifies death certificates for them. After things go array Bolton meets with an untimely fate by his criminal partners who are apprehended by the police in the end.
All right, so what does any of this have to do with Michael Jackson? Well, first we have a character experimenting and becoming addicted to anesthesia. Then we have the same character creating false death certificates. Then look at the name of some of the characters by going to either website and looking at the character listings. As listed above there is a character named Resurrection Joe, do I really need to go into grave detail explaining this one to you, what is Michael Jackson's middle name? Then there is a character name Mr. Blount, maybe this one need a little more explanation but wasn't one of the paramedics who testified at the Conrad Murder trial have the same last name of Blount? (This is not a common name, folks).
Am I putting too much emphasis on all of this, maybe but let's remember something, like me Michael Jackson was a classic movie buff. He loved this genre to the point where he had another master of the horror genre Vincent Price do the narration in his classic "Thriller Video". He knew classic films, so it's a great possibility that he was quite familiar with "Corridors of Blood". It does seem as if there are parallels to what happened to him and with this movie, wouldn't you say?  If anything it's pretty eerie, right?

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