Friday, October 14, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Dr. Conrad Murray's Longtime Friend Thinks Michael Could Be Alive!

Now that the ConradMurray trial is finally underway the media is of course out there covering the trial. One reporter who is covering this story is Pearl JR who is one of the beLIEvers that Michael Jackson is indeed alive. During the preliminary proceedings Pearl JR got a chance to talk to a man who claimed to be a long time close friend of Conrad Murray, whose name is Willlie L. Hampton. Murray never confirmed actually knowing Hampton, but it was all too obvious that Hampton was a true supporter of Murray whether they were close friends as he claimed or not.  (CLICK HERE to watch video)

Given what we all know about Murray and what happened on the morning of June 25, 2009' and his bizarre behavior it leaves one to listen to Hampton and wonder are we talking about the same person?  The reason I say this is because Hampton sang the praises of Dr. Conrad Murray, and other previous patients have come forward talking about Murray as if he was the greatest doctor on the planet.  (CLICK HERE to watch video)

Seriously who is this guy, and too bad Michael Jackson didn't actually have this man for his doctor, but instead had someone who resembled the forth stooge, as I stated in a previous blog entry.

Anyway during Pearl JR's interview with Hampton if you watched the video above, she asked him point blank what he thought happened on the day Michael Jackson died, and Hampton said that he firmly believed that either Michael accidentally killed himself or someone else came into the house to finish him off. Then Hampton said something that really seemed odd, he said that he wondered if Michael was really dead. Wait, this is a man who claims to be a close personal friend of Conrad Murray's yet he thinks there's a possibility that Michael is alive. Was he trying to tell us something, could it be that Murray may have confided in him the truth about what happened on June 25, 2009'? After all if they are really close friends as Hampton claims they are, then it could stand to reason that Murray may have confided in him, as most people would in close personal friends.

It could also be argued that Hampton stated that someone else killed Michael or Michael did it himself as a way to throw people off, but he acted like he seemed to know the truth. Let's remember in the video when Pearl JR asked him point blank if he thought Michael was alive, and let's also remember that there was never a marker put on Michael Jackson's grave.  At this point, Hampton became very evasive, which leaves us all to wonder, what is it that Murray has told Hampton regarding all of this if anything.

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