Sunday, October 23, 2011

Seriously, is Michael Jackson's Coroner 's Photo a Fake? Only The Belly Button Knows For Sure!

I have discussed this photo in a previous blog entry, but I felt it needed another article written since I have seen many comments on the Internet in regards to why many fans says it isn't their beloved Michael. I have made it quite clear how I feel about both of the death photos that were presented by the Prosecution during the Dr. Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter trial.  To put it plainly I believe both photos to be simply bogus. Sorry, if this bothers anyone reading this. I still stand by those who want to know why these photos were even brought into evidence. Think about this for a moment, there were zero reasons for any of these photos to be shown in court. There was no damage to the exterior of Michael Jackson's body, to show the jury to prove the case one way or the other, so why show it at all, other than to try to put an end to all the death hoax conspiracies that are out there. This is the only reason I can come up with. I am sure the Prosecution is aware of this floating around the Internet.  But, if you ask me instead of putting an end to the death hoax all these photos seemed to have done is give the BeLIEvers more stuff to talk about and to justify their case even stronger.

There have been those who have taken to time to really study these photos to the point of scrutinizing them. I admit that I am one of them, but even I have had things pointed out to me, which is why I am reopening this subject once again in another blog entry.

There have been many individuals on the Internet who have brought up something about the coroner's photo that I didn't take into account. There have been statements made by very observant individuals that the belly button isn't the same, or should I say nonexistent.  Now before any of you start saying wait, where did these people see Michael Jackson's belly button? Simple, many of these people alluded to the "You Are Not Alone" video that was done years ago, and posted on  (CLICK HERE to view), or view photos on this blog entry.

If you watched the video above I am sure you noticed the belly button.  Yes, it's definitely what one would classify as an outtie belly button, (it definitely protrudes).  

Now, take a good, close look at the coroner's photo, what is missing here?   If you said the belly button, you would be so right.  Now I know this isn't the clearest photo, (which in itself is questionable in this day and age with the upscale technology and photo imagery that we have), but you would think Michael Jackson's prominent belly button that he had would be somewhat distinguishable, but guess what it's not. So I reiterate that this could actually be a wax dummy that was created to dupe the public into thinking that this is Michael Jackson's dead body. 

If you want to view the coroner's photo again, you will have to do a search for it on the Internet because I will not be showing it here due to the sensitivity and nature of it for some who do not wish to view it.

So is this conclusive proof that Michael Jackson is still alive, I can't really say for sure, but the one thing I feel strongly about is that the coroner's photo is probably a fake.  Why they would present it in the involuntary manslaughter case in the first place, I still don't have an answer for sure. 

There still seems to be more questions than answers to this case if you ask me.  This blogger knows I still have a lot more research to do in regards to whether Michael Jackson is still alive and just faked his death for whatever reason, or if he is in fact truly dead.

Stay Tune.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Michael Jackson: Death Hoax and the "Hawaii 5-0" Connection

You know when I first started writing this blog back in June of this year I would have to say I was 99.9% sure that Michael Jackson was indeed dead.  I guess I held out a little hope with my .1% that maybe he was still alive and that this was just some bad nightmare.

Since then I have researched, listened, watched, and read a whole lot of information from the Death Hoax BeLIEvers.  I mean, after all, my blog is called "Death Hoax or Not", right?  So going into this I had a lot of skepticism and through a lot of my research I found some very strange and often coincidental things.  Yes, I could explain some of the things that BeLIEvers were alluding to, and I have often times classified it out here as, "it's cloudy outside", but yet, I would be lying if I said I could explain everything. There have been times that even I had to stop and pause.  I realize in life that coincidences do happen, but in this case there seems to be more than usual.  In fact, even a prestigious man like Dr. Steinberg, who testified in the Conrad Murray trial, classified Murray's behavior on that day as "bizarre".  (Interesting word to use by a professional doctor, don't you think)?

Now, if you've been reading my blog you know I have discussed many of the things that I have found, and I have explained some and yet at times I couldn't explain it.  In fact, I was hoping with the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter trial beginning that I would start to hear answers to some of my questions.  I'm sorry to say at this point, I haven't.  If anything I seem to have even more questions than I do answers.

So much of this for some reason weighs heavily on my mind.  I don't know if it's because I grew up around Michael Jackson, and that he was only two years older than me, or what, but this has affected me very deeply. Although, I would never classify myself as a Michael Jackson fan, I can say that I admired his talent and I own some of his music and the music of the Jackson 5.

Lately, it seems I can't even watch television without comparing something to this case.  This is where the "Hawaii 5-0" connection comes in. 

There is an episode called:  "The Double Wall", that had a scene about illusion that really made me pause and think. (CLICK HERE to view scene)

This scene made me stop and think about something Kenny Ortega said to Michael on the day before he supposedly died.  He told Michael that the illusion begins tomorrow (June 25, 2009).  My understanding of this is that they would be putting an illusion type trick into the show.  Who really knows what it truly was going to be.  But, I thought about this when I just so happened to be watching "Hawaii 5-0" and the scene talked about illusion.

Then another episode of "Hawaii 5-0" that I was watching called:  "Highest Castle, Deepest Grave".  You can watch the whole episode out on YouTube, but I just put the part that I thought was quite interesting here. (Click Here to watch part) 

It has been amazing to me how many Death Hoax BeLIEvers have posted videos out on and have compared old movie and classic television shows to what we are watching right now with this case.  As I'm sure if you know anything about Michael Jackson, you know he was a classic movie and classic television buff.  So who knows if he's seen any of this and got some ideas, at least that's what some of the Death Hoax BeLIEvers believe.

Also, recently I received a video from investigative reporter PEARL JR., which I thought was very interesting to events that happened at the Conrad Murray Trial on October 11, 2011.  (CLICK HERE to watch)  

This was another video that made me stop and pause.  I would have to say the part about the 3 Coroner vans that she investigated was quite compelling.  So, although, I still think Michael Jackson is deceased, I would be lying if I said I was still 99.9% sure of this since I started writing this blog.  Now, I'm probably maybe 75% sure he is.  I think I still have a lot more investigating to do.  Where's Steve McGarrett from "Hawaii 5-0" when you need him.
                      Jack Lord as Steve McGarrett on "Hawaii 5-0"

Stay tune.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Michael Jackson: Another Death Photo Surfaced or Has It?

Wax Figure of Michael Jackson
During testimony in the Dr. Conrad Murray Trial on October 11, 2011, the L.A. Coroner’s Office produced another photo of Michael Jackson lying dead. Having looked at both of the photos that had been presented in this case for myself, I must ask point blank, are these the real thing? Since I refuse to show any of these photos on this blog out of respect for those of you who don’t want to see them, here is a URL on an article where these photos can be seen. I will warn you though, these can be considered disturbing. In fact, Katherine Jackson chose to leave the courtroom before the second photo was brought into evidence to avoid actually seeing it, since the first photo was disturbing to her. Anyway, if you wish to see them to see what I am talking about you can go to:

So, what are my issues with this photo?  Well, in the second photo my first thought was when did Michael Jackson’s face become dark again? You can correct me if I’m wrong, but it had become extremely white due to the bleaching creams he was using because of his Vitiligo, right? Yes, there were times such as in the film documentary "This Is It" where his face appeared a bit darker, but that was probably due to lighting in the Staple Center.
Michael Jackson at the Staple Center
Rehearsing for his "This Is It" Concerts.

Then another point about this photo is that it was supposedly taken when the coroner did his autopsy, right?  So there wouldn't be any make-up being used, so I would think we would see some of the Vitiligo blotching somewhere on his body.  I mean, after all, Dr. Murray stated that Michael was still using a fade cream on some of his splotches.  So where are they? 

Of course, it could be argued that maybe this was just bad film, I guess, but  I thought this was the digital age where we had the best picture quality available. I mean the photo isn't even 100% in focus.  Yes, I know this is a Coroner's office where the body is going to look just like it should after death. Well, once again this doesn’t look like death, no shriveled up skin, no broken down veins, no sign of rigamortus setting in. It's supposed to be almost 48 hours since his suppose death and the signs should be there, right?

As disturbing as this photo may seem, if death had really been present for what I know death should look like, this photo would be even more disturbing, believe me.

Then there is the photo of the arm. Oh do I really need to go into detail about what is wrong here, if you are looking at the photo, its glaring right at you. Notice the date of the supposed death, it clearly says 08-25-2009, this is wrong, we know his suppose death was 06-25-2009, so what gives here? Well I will give the Prosecutor some credit for bringing this up to the Coroner.  His response, "oh that may look like an eight but it's actually a six." Please, I know that an eight and a six can be similar, but come on I can tell the difference, and this is an eight no doubt about it.  I know some of you will argue this, but when a Prosecuting attorney questions it and brings everyone's attention to it, how can you not question it.

So what do I make of all of this?  Well, if you ask me the Coroners photo of the body looks like a wax dummy.
Michael Jackson standing next to a
Wax figure of himself.

I know that's probably wishful thinking on my part, but that is how it appears.

It was also interesting on the cable news network, HLN on "Dr. Drew Pinsky's show" where he had Larry King on and he asked him about the trial.  King said he hadn't really watched a lot of it, although he did make a comment about the coroner's death photo of Michael Jackson.  He said that he found it interesting that a Prosecutor would show a photo of someone dead when this isn't even a murder trial where you want to show harm to a body.  He stated in all his years of reporting he had never seen such a thing.  Interesting, right? 

I’m sorry, but I still stand by the belief that we have yet to see an actual photo of Michael Jackson actually lying dead. Maybe wishful thinking on my part, but these two photos have met with enough scrutiny to where I can't help but question how authentic they really are.

Friday, October 14, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Dr. Conrad Murray's Longtime Friend Thinks Michael Could Be Alive!

Now that the ConradMurray trial is finally underway the media is of course out there covering the trial. One reporter who is covering this story is Pearl JR who is one of the beLIEvers that Michael Jackson is indeed alive. During the preliminary proceedings Pearl JR got a chance to talk to a man who claimed to be a long time close friend of Conrad Murray, whose name is Willlie L. Hampton. Murray never confirmed actually knowing Hampton, but it was all too obvious that Hampton was a true supporter of Murray whether they were close friends as he claimed or not.  (CLICK HERE to watch video)

Given what we all know about Murray and what happened on the morning of June 25, 2009' and his bizarre behavior it leaves one to listen to Hampton and wonder are we talking about the same person?  The reason I say this is because Hampton sang the praises of Dr. Conrad Murray, and other previous patients have come forward talking about Murray as if he was the greatest doctor on the planet.  (CLICK HERE to watch video)

Seriously who is this guy, and too bad Michael Jackson didn't actually have this man for his doctor, but instead had someone who resembled the forth stooge, as I stated in a previous blog entry.

Anyway during Pearl JR's interview with Hampton if you watched the video above, she asked him point blank what he thought happened on the day Michael Jackson died, and Hampton said that he firmly believed that either Michael accidentally killed himself or someone else came into the house to finish him off. Then Hampton said something that really seemed odd, he said that he wondered if Michael was really dead. Wait, this is a man who claims to be a close personal friend of Conrad Murray's yet he thinks there's a possibility that Michael is alive. Was he trying to tell us something, could it be that Murray may have confided in him the truth about what happened on June 25, 2009'? After all if they are really close friends as Hampton claims they are, then it could stand to reason that Murray may have confided in him, as most people would in close personal friends.

It could also be argued that Hampton stated that someone else killed Michael or Michael did it himself as a way to throw people off, but he acted like he seemed to know the truth. Let's remember in the video when Pearl JR asked him point blank if he thought Michael was alive, and let's also remember that there was never a marker put on Michael Jackson's grave.  At this point, Hampton became very evasive, which leaves us all to wonder, what is it that Murray has told Hampton regarding all of this if anything.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Michael Joe Jackson: Death Hoax - What's in a Name?

When it comes to a legal document we know that the name of an individual is something that must always be accurate. This is why in some cases such as with a state agency the individual is required to produce a birth certificate as proof, not only of their existence but for the proper spelling of their name. So when it comes to the legal documents pertaining to the life and death of Michael Jackson you would think that all these documents would have his name correctly spelled out as it actually was. Well all the legal court documents, birth certificate, driver's license pertaining to Michael Jackson clearly state his name as Michael Joe Jackson, so this must mean that Joe is his middle name, right? Well if this is the case then why does his autopsy report and death certificate say Michael Joseph Jackson? Then recently watching the Dr. Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter trial we've seen two photos of a supposed deceased Michael Jackson, and each photo declares his name as Michael Joseph Jackson, (Say what?! Not again)!

Now from what I know Michael went through life saying his middle name was Joe, and his entire family swore it was Joe, not Joseph, so what is the truth here?  Throughout this court trial the middle name of Joseph seems to keep popping up. (If in fact Michael Jackson is dead, I think it is pretty bad that we can't seem to get his middle name correct, don't you)?

All right, before we go any further and start stating this is another clue that Michael is indeed alive, I have a story for all of you and it is a true story I kid you not. My mother went through her entire life saying that her middle name was Mable, only for her children to find out at the time of her death that her birth certificate said that her middle name was actually May Belle. Now because of the fact that one of the most legal documents of her existence stated point blank that her middle name was actually May Belle this was the name that was placed on her death certificate, and the name the mortuary that handled her burial went with. Why, because legally this was her middle name regardless of what she and her family believed during her life.

Now was this the case with Michael Jackson? I would have to say that this wasn't the case. There is too much evidence that Michael Jackson had to know what the middle name on his birth certificate actually was. Michael had a passport, married twice (two marriage certificates) and a driver's license, all of which couldn't have been obtained without producing your birth certificate, this I know for a fact.

So why is it that the autopsy report and death certificate say Joseph? Take it from someone who knows when it comes to the death certificate this is not a mistake that is allowed, the state in which that person dies will make certain that the name is as it appears on their birth certificate. So is it any wonder that the Death Hoax BeLIEvers think this is a vital clue that Michael Joe Jackson is indeed alive, and that a Michael Joseph Jackson is the one who died.  After all, if Michael Jackson did stage his death, then this makes sense, these legal documents clearly state that it was a Michael Joseph Jackson that died on June 25, 2009, not a Michael Joe Jackson. Remember you come into this world with a legal name in the way of a birth certificate, and you leave it with the same legal name, in the way of a death certificate,  (unless you had your name changed somewhere along the way).

One added fact here is that back in 2005' when Michael Jackson was brought up on charges by the Los Angeles D.A. Thomas Sneddon at the time.  The D.A. made sure that all legal documents filed on this case reflected the name Michael Joe Jackson.  Mr. Sneddon stated he made sure the name was correct on all legal documents because he didn't want to be caught in a technicality. 

So if Michael did in fact fake his death there is no way anyone could prosecute him for falsifying his death because it wasn't him who died.  In fact, the photos we saw in the court case that I stated previously can't really be him if you look at the name associated with the photos.  Plus, the Michael Joseph Jackson in the second photo died according to the coroner on August 25, 2009, and not June 25, 2009.  If this is an error by the coroner then it is a bad error.  Don't all of you think so?  Some may say this is just a small thing and means nothing, but is that in fact true?  There seems to be an awful lot of mistakes and coincidences to this case, if you ask me, and this is just one of many that I have researched.

I'm sorry, but this makes me tip the scale in favor of the Death Hoax BeLIEvers just a little bit more.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Michael Jackson Death Hoax: Doctor Classifies Murray's Behavior As Bizarre!

In the Dr. Conrad Murray's Involuntary Manslaughter Case we heard testimony from a cardiologist by the name of Dr. Alon Steinberg.  Dr. Steinberg sits on the California Medical Board and also analyzes cases where doctors might be gross negligent.  He was asked to look at the Murray Case and his treatment of Michael Jackson and his supposed death. 

He talked about many things that he found wrong in the standard care protocol such as:

·        There was no monitoring equipment like a pulse meter with an alarm and such.

·        There was no automated blood pressure cuff to check pressure every 5 minutes to which Dr. Steinberg stated never happened according to Murray's statement to police that he gave two days after Jackson's death.

·        No E.K.G. monitor, defibrillator, airway equipment, and such.

·        Did not have proper knowledge of using the equipment that he did have.

·        Did not have another person to assist him that if something would have gone wrong, they could have called for help and assisted with life support measures.

·        Did not have all the necessary drugs to compensate for any problems.  He gave a list of about six drugs that he said should have been present when Propofol or any other anesthesia is ever in use.  He also stated that no paperwork or file was created for Michael Jackson by Murray stating what was given and at what time.  He also stated that there were no consent forms showing that Michael Jackson understood the risks involved.

The other information he gave was that if Dr. Murray would have called 9-1-1 when he first found Jackson not breathing, (after what he stated was a two minute bathroom break), that Michael Jackson could very well be alive.

One of the things Dr. Steinberg said that made me stop and pause was when he stated in his report to the California Medical Board that he classified this case as bizarre.  When asked by the Prosecution why he classified it this way, Dr. Steinberg stated it was bizarre because of the lack of standards that were present according to Dr. Murray's statement. (Basically, he alluded to the things Murray did or didn't do as "Murray's bizarre behavior" on that day).  For a prominent cardiologist like Dr. Steinberg to classify this day this way made me take note, because I know this is one of the reasons why many death hoax believers believe it is just too ludicrous for it to have happened the way it did with all the gross negligence by a doctor of supposedly Murray's stature.

Many Michael Jackson fans have been saying this all along, that things were strange and bizarre in how Dr. Murray handled this case.  I feel it is the reason why the Death Hoax has a strong believer percentage.  I truly thought when we finally got to the court case that we would have some answers to all of these bizarre and strange occurrences that happened on that day, June 25, 2009, but so far I haven't heard any.  It's like one coincidence after another is still not being explained, and so I understand why death hoax believers are not giving up their fight.  Something isn't right here, and even I who am not totally sold on the death hoax have to admit I understand why Believers feel the way they do. 

As one of my family members said to me and I quote, "we may never truly know what actually happened on that day."

Monday, October 10, 2011

Michael Jackson: Death Hoax Question = Why was LAX delayed on June 25, 2009?

LAX the Los Angeles International Airport experienced a delay on June 25, 2009 in the morning.

For a large airport such as LAX to experience delays isn't an odd thing, it happens rather frequently for one reason or another, some of the reasons is as follows:

  • Terrorist threat or attack, of course this one caused delays across the entire U.S. back on September 11th 2001'.
  • Bad weather either in that state or the designation in which the plane is headed to. This can include fog and low hanging clouds.
  • Air Traffic issues, and clearance.
  • Important individual coming through and requires private access to certain gates of the airport due to strict security issues for this person.
These are just some examples of what can cause delays at airports. It's not so uncommon and can happen quite often. However, because such a delay happened at LAX on June 25, 2009 for a few hours after the apparent death of Michael Jackson, this became part of the Death Hoax. After all, the biggest airport in Los Angeles where Michael Jackson just happens to be experiences a delay on the day he supposedly died, it does cause a red flag to be raised.  Even I had to take pause on this, yes as I said this happens all the time, but still June 25, 2009, coincidence maybe but there are things that lead you to wonder if this delay and this supposed death could be linked.
Then I found another interview from Michael's brother Jermaine while being interviewed on a radio station says something that could be classified as a slip up. Watch and listen to what he had to say and how he tries to correct himself. Then make what you want out of this.
Now it has been reported on another website that I found that Jermaine had been willing to assist Michael in leaving the country clear back to 2003', when he was facing the second round of Child Molestation charges. Here is a very interesting video I found on this subject. (CLICK HERE)

It was stated in the article that on June 25, 2009' that there was a questionable flight leaving LAX that was headed for Mexico. Mexico really, tell me something look at the delayed flights once more, what other designation pops out that was delayed other then the questionable one to Mexico that has been under scrutiny? Do you see one headed to Honolulu, Hawaii?  Yes you do and you're, probably wondering yeah so what? Tell me something where did Michael Jackson's kids go on the first anniversary of their father's supposed death? That's right Honolulu, Hawaii, so this is the delay that gave me reason for pause, even if everyone else seems to be looking at Mexico. Then again maybe he originally did go to Mexico, then to Hawaii and then to who knows where else. I'm sure if he were still alive that he has probably moved continually if he could.  I say if he could because if he is still alive we don't know if he in fact faked his death or whether someone has him against his will.   Some of you might think I'm seeing conspiracy where conspiracy aren't but I can't help thinking about another video I saw that has me concern.

In this video it's been stated that the value of the SONY ATV Catalogue that Michael owned 50% of had been recently valued at 30 Billion Dollars, which would mean Michael's half is 15 Billion Dollars.  That is a whole lot of money, folks.  What I would like to know is who has possession of his half right now?  Is it his estate?  I don't know since no one seems to be talking about this. (CLICK HERE at 13:52 of video) to watch.
So did LAX experience a delay so that Michael Jackson could make his getaway? Did Jermaine help him do it?  I mean think about it, since Michael's supposed death the Jackson family have basically restarted all of their careers once again.

Maybe this is all just another one of those coincidences that seems to be circling around, but all of this is certainly something to ponder, don't you think?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Michael Jackson and "Corridors of Blood"

Here we go with another classic movie that could be tied to the Michael Jackson Death Hoax. If you have been following this blog you know that we did one regarding the classic film "Gilda", which starred Susan Hayward in the title role. Now it's time for a classic horror film which starred one of the actors known for the genre back in the day, the legendary Boris Karloff, the film from 1958', "Corridors of Blood." You can read a summary of this movie at the IMDb website, and find out about the actors as well as the characters in the movie.

You can also read another summary on the film at the official Turner Classic Movies website in their movie database:

Anyway, as you discovered this is a horror film that is about a doctor by the name of Thomas Bolton (played by Karloff) who experiments with an opium anesthetic that he ultimately becomes addicted to. He then become involved in some questionable, if not illegal activity when he encounters some individuals who deal with some less then favorable characters by the name of Black Ben and Resurrection Joe, who supply dead bodies to the hospital for dissection by murdering individuals. They agree to supply Bolton with his drugs if he falsifies death certificates for them. After things go array Bolton meets with an untimely fate by his criminal partners who are apprehended by the police in the end.
All right, so what does any of this have to do with Michael Jackson? Well, first we have a character experimenting and becoming addicted to anesthesia. Then we have the same character creating false death certificates. Then look at the name of some of the characters by going to either website and looking at the character listings. As listed above there is a character named Resurrection Joe, do I really need to go into grave detail explaining this one to you, what is Michael Jackson's middle name? Then there is a character name Mr. Blount, maybe this one need a little more explanation but wasn't one of the paramedics who testified at the Conrad Murder trial have the same last name of Blount? (This is not a common name, folks).
Am I putting too much emphasis on all of this, maybe but let's remember something, like me Michael Jackson was a classic movie buff. He loved this genre to the point where he had another master of the horror genre Vincent Price do the narration in his classic "Thriller Video". He knew classic films, so it's a great possibility that he was quite familiar with "Corridors of Blood". It does seem as if there are parallels to what happened to him and with this movie, wouldn't you say?  If anything it's pretty eerie, right?

Michael Jackson: More on the Court Death Photo!

In the previous blog entry we discussed the photo of Michael Jackson that was presented into evidence at the beginning of the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter Trial. This photo was apparently of Michael Jackson lying on a gurney in a corner of the UCLA Medical center Emergency Room. In the previous blog entry I went into how convenient it seemed that this photo has suddenly popped up after two years of all of us stating that we had yet to see an image of a dead Michael Jackson. I went into the fact that maybe this was another photo that was doctored on Photo Shop the way that apparently the one from the ambulance was. However, since making this blog entry I have discovered a very informative video out on YouTube that got me to thinking about another possibility that I hadn't considered but am now thinking about and would like to share with you what I suspect. First of all, I would like all of you to take the time to go to YouTube and view this video for yourself, and then come up with your own conclusions after hearing what this person had to say. Believe me this video is worth viewing the person has done their research and they really got me thinking, here is the link:  CLICK HERE

All right so after viewing this video what conclusions have you come to? Well, first of all I commend this person for taking the time to get their facts straight, I got to hand it to them, seriously if Michael Jackson is indeed alive with people like this on the job I have no doubt we will find him, and if he isn't just hiding out but needs our help he can be sure we will get to the bottom of all of this, because something just isn't right here.  There are just too many coincidences, and just too many conflicting testimonies taking place in the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter Trial.  

Anyway, after seeing this video I started to wonder like this person about the authenticity of this photo. Was it indeed another Photo Shop job, but then something else dawned on me, something I have brought up once before on this. In a previous blog entry about Michael Jackson sightings, I mentioned that most of the photos being printed on the Internet were old photos taken prior to his apparent death not after. I still stand by the belief that if Michael Jackson is out there he has disguised himself in some way and that he wouldn't be walking around looking as if he should be wearing a sign that says "Hey Fans Here I Am Michael Jackson".

 Anyway getting back to the ER photo, when this person brought it up in their video that after their research they came to the conclusion that the gurney Michael Jackson was on was no longer being used by UCLA Medical Center in 2009', it made me continue to wonder.

 In fact, they had started to phase out this form of gurney between 2003' - 2005', yet there apparently was Michael Jackson lying on this type of gurney in 2009', so what gives here? Well, as I said above it could be a doctored up photo or this could actually be Michael Jackson lying on this actual gurney at the UCLA Medical Center but not in 2009'.

We are all aware that over the years Michael Jackson spent a lot of time in and out of the hospital. In 2005' alone, during his Child Molestation Trial there was more than one incident of him having to be brought to the hospital. What if this photo is not from the day he supposedly died, but from one of these other times? I already went into the fact that when I look at this photo I don't see death. Having seen death first hand I know what it looks like its empty, the body looks like what it actually is an empty shell. I don't see this emptiness in this photograph, what I see is someone who looks like they could be asleep maybe after surgery or some other procedure which we know Michael Jackson had a history of having.

So could this actually be an old photo? Well given what this individual has uncovered it has made me stop to pause and wonder if this is actually the case. It would certainly explain why he's lying on a gurney that was phased out in the early 2000', wouldn't it?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Michael Jackson's Dead Body Has Finally Surfaced, Or Has It?

During the opening statements in the Dr. Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter Case, the prosecution brought into evidence a shocking photo. The photograph was of an apparent dead Michael Jackson lying on a gurney in the corner of the Emergency Room at L.A. Medical Center. This photo stunned many, and of course, made the rounds through the news media as well as the Internet. So now we finally got a photo of Michael Jackson lying dead, or do we really?

There are some questions surrounding this photo that can't seem to be answered. First of all, who took this photo, and why was it taken? I know that there are situations where the Morgue and the Coroner's office will photograph the dead for documentation purposes. But this photo wasn't taken in the Morgue or the Coroner's office it was taken in a corner of the E.R. at a time when no one suspected his death to be the cause of foul play or anything else underhanded. Remember his house hadn't even been taped off as a crime scene at the time. Apparently, there was no reason to believe at that point that he met with any wrong doing, so why the photograph in the E.R.? Do hospitals take photos of the dead in the E.R. for their records? It's possible, but is this really the case? It does seem odd that for the past couple years we have all been saying that we never saw a dead body of Michael Jackson, which stirred the death hoax on, right?  But, now all of a sudden during this trial a photo just happens to surface by the prosecution. Then the D.A. brings it into evidence why? (Yes, I know that photos of dead bodies have been brought into evidence in murder trials before).  But generally it is usually to show the bodily harm to the individual. What was the purpose in doing it here other than showing us all that Michael Jackson was indeed dead.

There is no disputing that this is indeed Michael Jackson in this photo. However, is this really proof that he is in fact dead? Let's remember there is another photo of Michael supposedly lying on the gurney being loaded into an ambulance going to the hospital. This photo was later dismissed by long time Jackson friend and attorney, Brian Oxman as being a fake.  According to him this was a photo shop touched up photograph. So is this photo legitimate or another touched up photo shop job? All right let's say it's legitimate, does this actually mean Michael is dead?

First of all tell me something, how many of you out there have actually seen death up close? I have, and I can honestly tell you they call it death for a reason, there is usually zero life in the body that is left behind. Basically, it's a lifeless, expressionless empty shell look. Now go out and study this photo of Michael Jackson carefully.  (Note: I will not be showing this photo in this blog entry out of respect for those who don't wish to view it again). Those of you who do want to study it I am sure you can do a search on the web and find it.  Now, really look at it, does this look like a lifeless, expressionless empty shell to you? To be honest it doesn't to me, to me it looks as if Michael Jackson is asleep and could wake up at any minute. Even Michael's sister, Latoya stated that when she saw Michael's lifeless body he appeared as if he were sleeping.  She never once said he didn't look like himself.  She never once stated that he looked like something empty and lifeless.  (Believe me death looks exactly like that). Maybe all of this is just wishful thinking on my part but I stand by my belief after having studied this photo more than once.  Some of you might say well the prosecution turned it over as evidence, but if you followed the Michael Jackson 2005' Child Molestation trial then you know that evidence was fabricated in this case by the D.A.'s office at the time, and was turned over as evidence also.  If you didn't know about any of this, you can find information about this by CLICKING HERE.

Then recently I came across a Michael Jackson fan by the name of:  Sharon Sidney who believes that Michael is alive and that he could have been given a drug called the Zombie Drug.  See interview by CLICKING HERE. So is the belief that he may have been given the zombie drug an actual fact? Who knows for sure, but what I do know is that it seems odd that this photo suddenly surfaces as if it were a way for the Jackson family to say to all of the death hoax believers "you wanted proof he's dead, well here's the photo you've been asking for".  Think about it, did the D.A. have to show this photo?  I mean really think about it.  What were they trying to accomplish by showing the court and the world this photo?  Yes, they showed a picture of a relatively healthy Michael Jackson rehearsing at the Staple Center on June 24, 2009, and then they decided to show him dead and lifeless on the following day.  Couldn't they just have state that here is Michael Jackson rehearsing at the Staple Center on June 24, 2009 and we all know that he ended up dead the following day.  Couldn't they have just done that?  I ask again, what was the real reason for show this photo?  Let's face it, now that they've shown it, it seems to be everywhere on the Internet.  It seems very strange, if you ask me.

So is the photo real, or is it another Photo Shop?  Well, like I stated earlier in this blog entry that the photo of Michael in the ambulance was determined to be a fake, and the way it was determine was by finding the original photo which was taken during the "Michael Jackson 30th Anniversary Special" where he laid down on the stage.  I guess if we want to know whether the photo in court is real or not, we're going to have to find the original photo (if there is one) and see if it fits this photo.  So if you are reading this and feel strongly that this photo isn't real start investigating and see if you can find a photo that they might have used and did a Photo Shop to it.  If you can't find one, I'll guess we'll all just have to assume it's real and accept the inevitable that Michael Jackson is in fact dead.

Just remember one thing, Michael stated to us: "In my darkest hour.  In my deepest despair.  Will you still care?  Will you be there?" 

I don't know about any of you, but I'm definitely going to start searching through photos to see if I can find one that might just be the one Photo Shopped and used by the D.A.'s office which was presented in court.  It's the least I can do for a man who gave so much love to all and never asked for anything back other than for us to care and to be there.  Death Hoax believers don't give up, Michael might just be out there needing all of us to help him.