Sunday, September 25, 2011

Michael Jackson: Read my lips - I'M ALIVE!

There have been many, and I do mean many clues that fans have tried to gather in order to prove that Michael Jackson didn't actually die on June 25, 2009.  Some I have to admit are very valid (see the previous Cherilyn Lee blog entries for some prime examples). Then there are those clues that fall under what I like to call its cloudy outside, it's a sign Michael Jackson is alive category, which basically means we're seeing signs in just about anything. It would seem when Michael Jackson's last CD of music, which was released after his death by Sony Music, fans were looking for clues that would tell them that Jackson was still alive.

Apparently, they supposedly found these clues, or so they think. One such clue is the photo of Michael Jackson that appears on the CD. Fans claim that Michael's lips actually spell out the words alive or I'm live. You can see an illustration of this on You Tube by CLICKING HERE.

I have to admit this looks pretty convincing and I can see words on his lips. However, when I think about it, can someone actually stamp their lips in this way, or was this something that was done by the cover artist.  Now this could have some of you jumping up and down going, yes this is a concrete clue, which means Michael is indeed alive. He probably told the artist to do this. OK, OK good argument I will admit but there is another way of looking at why the artist could have done this. For example, as was stated in the blog entry about immortality that those who left their mark in the entertainment field, perhaps this is what the artist was getting at in placing this on Michael's lips on the cover. It could have been a way of saying I live or am Alive in my music.  I could also be just a Photoshop thing.

So why am I so quick to dismiss this clue as one that is valid that Michael is indeed still alive? Simple, who put out this CD? That's right Sony Music, do I really need to remind anyone of the bad blood that was between Michael Jackson and Sony in the later years. If Michael were indeed alive would he entrust them with this information? Would he really let them have such a vital clue? I don't think so, in my opinion, I think Michael still wouldn't trust Sony Music, even if Tommy Mattola were no longer with them. So although, I am not 100% convinced that Michael Jackson is dead, I think it's safe to dismiss this clue and any other clue that may come via Sony Music, I just can't see Michael trusting them enough to know he faked his death, can you?
There are although other clues that are out there circulating on the Internet, and one comes from a reputable investigative journalist by the name of Pear, Jr., who put out a video recently about all the clues.  You can view it by CLICKING HERE. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Home for: MJDeath-Hoax-or-Not?

MJ Death-Hoax-or-not has moved to its new home site at  You can still view the previous site and articles at our old site by clicking here:   (OLD SITE)

I decided to move the site to Blogger because I was having too many problems with Wordpress.  So I hope this new site works better for you as I'm sure it will for me.